Mbango Adambi

 “Untie my hands and I will make u a helpless believer”

After her first screen appearance in Victor Viyou’s multi award winning movie “Ninahs Dowry”, it became glaring that this goddess was born for the screen. She not only featured in other movies but took the bold step in producing her own movie” Ndollo and the senator” where she equally stared alongside one of Nollywoods finest Frank Artus.Bold, pretty, adventurous, talented and stylish are the few words best used by her fans to describe her person, but for those who truly know her as she calls herself “Mondoni pikin” Her greatest treasure is none other but her kind and compassionate heart. She is a diva with a soul…

 In Ward Zee she plays the character ABY .Who returns home from Los Angeles to save baby sisters life and together with a few others, unfold the mystery behind the disappearance of her baby. Aby is unapologetically Ruthless in achieving her goals.

Gobina charlotte

“Where is my baby”

kicking off her career as far back as 2012 in Segio Marcelo’s TV series “paradis season 3”.This young sizzling diva has over the years proven that she is a force to reckon with in the Cameroon film industry.Enroling into the Buea film academy in 2012 and graduating top of her class, She with a rare mastery of character interpretation slowly but surely climbed the ladder to fame landing major roles in other impactful movies like “Stuck”, “Woman” ”,Rumble” ,”Chasing tails” ,and most recently “Apple for two”

In Ward Zee, she plays the character PAGE ASANJI .A young woman whose new born baby mysteriously disappears in ward Zee of a given hospital.Finding herself on the thin line between sanity and insanity, her life and that of her missing son now lie in the hands of a curious neighbor, a police officer, an ex lover and her comeback sister

Oyama Laura

“I’m gonna kill that bitch”

Young and beautiful, Onyama Laura in 2009 found her place as an actress in the Cameroon film industry. This dazzling African beauty and brains took a moment off for her studies and only later returned to the screens in 2015 .A comeback that was as powerful as it was glamouring.Capturing her audience with a mind blowing performance Onyama re-launched her career with the TV series “Rumble” and later landed a lead role in the feature “Kiss of Death” By Musing Derick..A film that earned her two prestigious awards as Best Cameroonian actress at the Ecrans Noir film festival 2016 and best Cameroonian actress at the CAMIFF.(Cameroon international film festival) 2017.She has also acted in movies like “Rebel pilfrim”, “Lecon” “Maalle” etc.

In ward zee she plays the character MABEL. Girlfriend to a one time and now broke scammer Dion, She is reluctant at first when a life changing opportunity comes knocking but when pressure mounts Mabel becomes the queen of a game she begins to enjoy a little too much until the one thing that matters the most is ripped from her…Mabel the beast is born.

Gobina franklin

 “You moron, it must be the damn bananas you keep eating”

In 2011 He made his first dazzling appearance in front of the camera playing a supporting role to at the time a more rooted actor Nchifor Valery in the movie “Obsession” directed by Achilles Brice, This fine young and handsome gentleman not only won the hearts of ladies with his charms, but that of gentlemen alike with undeniably great talent.He went ahead to future in movies like Before you say I do by Frank Sire and most recently A good time to divorce by Nkanya Nkwai.

In Ward Zee, He plays the character DION . A jobless university graduate in desperate need of money to sustain himself and his girlfriend when his initial business of scamming goes down the drain.When a life changing opportunity comes his way, without a second thought, Dion is willing to do whatever it takes to rise up again. But he may not be prepared for what truly lies ahead.

Libota Macdonald

“Start talking or ill blow off your brains”

“Maco” as popularly known by fans and peers alike had his first major role as an actor in 2009 in the movie “Clusters” which landed him the award of Best actor in supporting role at ZAFAA, Making him the first Cameroonian to have been crowned with such. He has to his name atleast 20 feature films and counting, including the series Bad Angel, Samba which just most recently landed him an award for best actor in a TV series at the GMAA Ghana .And “ Apple for two” being his most recent works . Most of his female fans will describe him as irresistibly handsome. Added to thIS torturing handsome look is a rare charm made evident with his unique sense of humor and a unique taste in fashion.He remains humble, and dedicated to his craft...It’s just hard not to love “Maco”

 In ward zee he plays the character JACK.A private detective and boyfriend to KATE. Deeply in love with his woman and watching her strive to understand and unfold the mystery behind her weird neighbors suicide attempt, Jack keeps reason and ethics aside to help kate and Danny on a mission uncertain at the beginning of their intervention.A story that gets more complicated and more difficult for him to turn his back on or put forward to the authorities he so represents.Jack has got to make a choice between loyalty to the government and one little adventure that may save a mother s life and bring back her son.

Ndamo Damarise

“I’m not dying without a story”

When you have the face of a goddess some will say it’s already destined for the screen. But not this Beauty. She has distinguished herself by making her mark in the industry as a rare combination of beauty and exceptional talent.Reason why she immediately became a sensation after featuring in the series “Rumble”by Billy Bob Ndive in 2015 .She was immediately sorted out for another role in the series ‘Samba “The following year. It later became a very busy year as she played key roles in movies like ”Life point”, “The Audition”, and “The Application”and later “Apple for two’ EARLY 2017.

In Ward Zee she plays KATE ADANG a scriptwriter who lives in solitude. Kate as curious as a cat finds her newest neighbors strange morning routines fascinating . A single encounter with PAGE her weird neighbor takes her back to her desk and unto a new story whose plot is unknown at the dawn of her expedition but when the chips fall out and a more scary story seem to unfold before her eyes she more than anything will rather lose her life protecting the strange girl whose life is in danger as well as try to make sense of the chain of events that dramatically unfold as she with the help of her boyfriend JACK , Danny and Aby unravel one of the biggest secrets of a hospital.

Anurin Nwunembom

“Where is her husband and baby?”

Easily soaked in by anything aesthetically engaging, Anurin nwunembom is an actor/(unpublished) poet/teacher and filmmaker. With a professional training and huge experience in theatre arts, he integrated motion picture in 2002 and workshop after workshop gathered significant savvy in film. The craft that has handed him many aliases.Koonta Kyntee, Roots art, or call him artnurin.You will be talking about the same dark in complexion, 1.76m tall 84 kg dashingly handsome young man. He is mostly known for the role of Memfi (villain) in Victor Viyouh’s “Ninahs Dowry”(2012) and a little for Ekema (goofy(pregnant) husband) in Christa Eka’s “Beleh”(2013) Some movies he has been a vital part of either as an actor, production manager, acting coach, co producer, or director include Drastic measures (2003) Retribution (2006) By Etta Tabot Rene) Woman’s Scar by Kamwa Anthony, Nkuma, Two girls, Obsession, Face your fears, I-Bemsi, Alma, Nightfall, Walls, and Ashia..He is the current Artcity short film festival director and mentor of many young /up and coming film minds.

 In ward Zee he plays the character DANNY.A one time lover to Page who returns to her rescue After her attempted suicide.. Danny evidently still in love with page is ready to do all it takes to make page REMEMBER what happened to her baby.

Vicky Fokala

“At what point did we choose to play God”

Vicky Fokala made her first appearance on screen in 2012 in the movie “In It Together” and later the series “Bad Angel” in 2016 as well as “Rumble “She immediately became a sensation due to her unique performance and what most people will call controversial personality on the internet.Her fans grew in numbers in a very short time.”Thick Madame” as the beautiful highly articulated actress calls herself has also acted and worked behind the scenes of Nollywood productions like “Ayaka” as assistant production manager,” Mr. and Mrs.” Revelation as makeup artist and a lot more .Today she is not only known for her outstanding acts on screen but as one of the finest beauty makeup artist in the country owning her own makeup company the FG Touch.

In Ward Zee, this African Beauty plays the character MRS. ASHU. The barren wife of the mayor of the city.Haven been married for about 20 years with no children happiness is far fetched in the home of the Ashus’.But the mayor is unwilling to sit back and do nothing while his home drowns in sadness.But Mrs Ashu must be a willing p artner in his treacherous plan .A plan she must ignore the steps to its execution but concentrates on the golden prize.The prize of the redeemer of their marriage.

Irene Nangi

“This won’t hurt page”

With a couple movies to her name like “ In 19 hrs” by Musing Derrick,” Gaining the game” by Asaba Ferdinand,”Yekongs cross” and the series” Bad angel, Irene Nangi has consistently proven her worth in the speedily growing film industry as a young dynamic and seasoned actress.Most people will describe her as ambitious , pretty and calm.But in that calmness is a woman of virtue.A priceless treasure. And the bringer of peace.Irene is more than an actress.She is the prove that Good people still walk the earth.

In Ward zee, she plays the character JENNET a desperate single mother and nurse who lives by the law of the jungle.Jennet must do what she must do to provide for her son Brandon. She must only remember what truly matters.Being a good mother to her Son.

Norbert Young


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